Preventative Care

prenatal & infant care

Healthy habits start before the birth of a child. Our team offers prenatal education courses for expectant moms and dads to help ensure that their child has the best possible start for a lifetime of good dental health. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit a dentist to receive an initial dental exam within six months of when their first tooth erupts.

digital x-rays

Digital X-rays are one of the state-of-the-art diagnostic tools we use to provide your child with the best possible care and significantly less exposure. Digital radiography has changed the way we take dental X-rays by making the process faster, more comfortable, and more convenient than ever before.

dental cleanings

Dental cleanings and exams are two of the most basic but important preventive treatments we provide at our office. Each time your child visits us for a check-up (every 6 months), we will provide a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam by one of our Board Certified Pediatric Dentists.

dietary education

Oral health depends on proper nutrition and healthy eating habits from the day you are born. Diet counseling is an integral part of anticipatory guidance during the infant oral health visit. Our doctors will evaluate each child’s dietary habits and educate the entire family on their findings in order to develop a lifetime of healthy choices.

dental sealants

A protective coating that can be applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where decay often starts. It is more common to seal “permanent” teeth rather than “baby” teeth, but every patient has unique needs, and our doctors will recommend sealants on a case-by-case basis.

silver diamine fluoride

Tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease in children and adults. To protect the developing psyche of our youngest children and those with special needs, sometimes we employ Silver Diamine Fluoride to stop cavity progression without the need to numb or drill on a tooth.

sleep apnea

Sleep apnea in children is one of the most undiagnosed medical concerns today. Our doctors are trained to help determine if your child has risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and would be able to help lead you in the right direction to be further examined by an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) or Sleep Medicine specialist.

sports mouth guards

While many organized sports now require a child to wear protective gear, mouth guards are often overlooked. While all kids should wear mouth guards during contact sports, some children are at higher risk for injury. As trained Board Certified Pediatric Dentists, we will evaluate your child’s dentition and bite to determine their risk and discuss measures to prevent injury.

Restorative Care

white fillings

These are mercury-free, tooth colored composites that helps restore the natural appearance of a tooth that was once decayed, malformed, or traumatized.

pediatric root canals

While we do our best to educate our patients on cavity and trauma prevention, there are times that this nerve therapy must be provided to save a tooth. This procedure removes affected, unhealthy nerve tissue and replaces it with a sedative medication.


When a tooth has become badly decayed or damaged and the area to be filled is too large to support a filling, we recommend a crown to provide support for the remaining tooth structure. We have advanced training to offer both tooth colored as well as silver crowns.

tooth extractions

An extraction may be indicated when a baby tooth has such long roots and does not fall out on schedule, a baby tooth becomes infected, or for guidance when the teeth may be too crowded because they are too large for the jaw.

tooth whitening

For our teens and young adults, we offer in-office and at-home professional whitening systems. Our doctors will analyze your child’s aesthetic concerns and provide multiple options, depending on your child’s individual needs.

space maintainers

When a baby tooth is lost prematurely, a space maintainer is required to maintain the space that it occupied. Without proper space maintenance, permanent teeth can become crowded or impacted within the bone.

Sedation Dentistry

nitrous oxide

Otherwise known as “laughing gas,” Nitrous Oxide is a safe and effective technique used to reduce anxiety, produce analgesia, and enhance effective communication in a mildly anxious child.

conscious sedation

When “laughing gas” is not enough to calm a child’s fears, conscious sedation can be employed. While this medicine allows the child to stay awake and maintain protective reflexes, it can provide amnesia and even more anxiolysis than nitrous alone.

iv/hospital dentistry

For our more severe cases of dental anxiety and for some of our children with special needs, general anesthesia or deep sedation, is required to receive comprehensive dental care in a safe and atraumatic fashion.

Interceptive Orthodontics

orthodontic services

At each 6 month recall, our doctors will perform an orthodontic evaluation. They are trained to intercept specific orthodontic needs, such as anterior and posterior crossbites with expansion or springs on children as early as 5 years old in some of the more severe cases.

Emergency Care

hospital dentistry

Our doctors maintain hospital privileges at Prisma Health and AnMed Hospitals. They provide dental care under general anesthesia when other, more conservative, options are not effective or the child’s needs are too severe.


Whether your child fractured or knocked out a tooth, our team is trained to respond quickly and with comfort to both child and parents. Time is of the essence, so call the office as soon as the trauma occurs to let our team determine if your child needs to be seen immediately.


If your child is complaining of pain, first have them point to the exact area that is bothering them. Common causes of pain that are not emergent are impacted popcorn kernels, erupting permanent molars, or aphthous ulcers. Once these are ruled out, call the office to schedule an appointment for your child to be evaluated by our team.

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